Medicare Systems Blood Bank system is an online-based system that maintains details of the blood bank. A Blood Bank is a center where blood is collected from blood donations. It is then stored as well as preserved for future use such as in blood transfusion.The blood bank system is mainly responsible to manage the bloodstock of the hospital. It is used to maintain the inventory of the different blood groups. This ensures the average age of blood at the time of the problem. It also monitors blood amounts that are not used for any reason.

Blood Bank Management is a tricky concern for any healthcare organization. Medicare Systems is a Mumbai India based leading provider of the mechanism to support all the fundamental functionalities of a Blood Bank. This includes the process of receiving requests for blood, allotting blood, and stock management. Furthermore, for blood management, collection, and blood transfusion activities, this maintains records of the entire process of the blood bank, donor, and recipient reactions

Online Blood bank software is specifically designed to process, retrieve, store, and analyze the information related to the inventory and services within a blood bank. This system has been developed to maintain the information related to blood donors & receivers. This also offers the facility of knowing that required the particular blood group is available or not at the diagnostic center, or approached hospital.

Blood Bank Management Software is established for managing the entire process of donating blood to the hospitals & patients and receiving blood from a donor. Blood must be managed securely and safely to simplify the entire management system of Blood Banks. Check out some of the features of the Blood Bank system offered by us that are listed below:

Main modules
  • Generate report based on Stocks-Blood Group-wise, Area wise, and expiry date wise
  • Maintain database of donor- area wise and blood group wise
  • Update as well as maintain unique donor identifications
  • Proficient Key Consumables Inventory Management
  • Maintain and track information of all types of donor- Voluntary, Directed, and Exchange
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of blood back for Faster Response Time and Better Control
  • Precise and accurate record/database management
  • Excellent searching facility for Destroyed and Expired Blood
  • Progress Blood Bank procedures by offering efficient and constant software support.
  • Preserve database to categorize patient records as well as Unique Donor Id to manage the future list
  • Cross Blood Matching and Result Storage Facility
  • Digital Record archival, restoring and backup facility-Higher Record & Housekeeping Maintenance
Why Choose Us?
  • Our blood bank system provides the advantages of streamlined functionalities, effective cost control, excellent patient care, secured and enhanced control facilities.
  • The system is interactive, robust, and prompt that quickly offers the needed information. It also supports dependable and reliable support.
  • With the proper implementation of the software, it makes the management error-free and easy.
  • The software developed on the latest technology helps to track donors, get prompt and right reports when needed, in addition to centralized data storage along with security.
  • The software helps to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • The end-to-end customer services offered by the software enable a good facility to record info and maintain records. This reduces errors.