Medicare is Mumbai, India’s best cloud-based HR and Payroll software provider that handles different aspects of the process. From avoiding error-prone manual calculations to processing salaries in-time, the system meets all compliances, making it worth to avail.

Overview of HR PayRoll Software

Mumbai offers one of the perfect environments for different kinds of businesses to thrive, like e-commerce, Information Technology, construction, shipping, etc. It attracts talents from every corner of the nation. This calls for cost-effective and agile human resource management tools & practices. This is where Medicare comes into the picture. We are one of the reliable and cutting-edge and payroll software providers in Mumbai. Adhering to the best practices, we bring to you the perfect solutions where companies can automate the payroll for a stress-free process of salaries at the end of the month. An HR Payroll Software in Mumbai or any other part of the country is useful for any kind of business. The human resource department does several activities such as maintaining salary details of employees, payroll processing, keeping track of time, deductions, and attendance, allowances, loans, etc. Using authentic software, all calculations become easy and error-free.

Main modules
  • Managing payroll
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information
  • Keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism
  • Performance evaluation
  • Benefits administration
  • Learning management
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee scheduling
  • Analytics and informed decision making
  • Tax Management
  • Salary Genrataion at once
  • MIS Reports ( All kinds of customized reports)
Benefits HR & Payroll Software
  • Easy to Process - The software makes tasks easier than manual calculations. Using very little input, the Payroll software uses all information of employees to get data to calculate wages. It finds paying taxes to the government, financial records that include deductions, bonuses, and net pay. The records are maintained for future verification or references
  • Performance Management - It records the information about the performance of all employees. The system helps the organization to get a clear idea about the skills of employees that help in managing and scheduling the training needs of the employee. This is beneficial to enhance the productivity of the company.
  • Optimized Process - HR Payroll System helps companies to reduce employees’ number that is manually working to maintain salary, attendance, salary, income taxes, working hours, etc. Frequently repeating the payroll tasks often leads to the tedious task, and results in errors. So, it is always best to optimize the process and get accurate information.
  • Accuracy - HR and Payroll software helps enterprises to reduce and eliminate payroll errors. Such a process is used to get accurate data. The conflict can be easily being handled as it provides only reliable and appropriate payroll information that reduces inefficiency.
  • Error-Free Process - Payroll software is a perfect system that smoothens the HR and payroll system for any business and also eliminates the chances of errors during the payroll systems’ performance. Therefore, opt for the best HR Payroll Management software that is highly safe and secure.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Types of Companies Can Use Payroll Software in the HR department?
Medicare HR & Payroll software is designed to fit variegated needs of manufacturing shops, service providers to non-profits organizations to carry out payroll management requirements for most of the companies.
What size organizations can use Payroll Software?
Any size organization can use Medicare HR & Payroll software ranging from 1 to more than 100.
How do I Settle Pay for Departing Employees?
Settlements can be done for the missing pay-periods or for such employees using the settlement option of the software.
Why do I Need Payroll Software If I Have 5 Employees?
Payroll can be a time –consuming, and complicated process for a small business if with 5 employees. Medicare payroll software can simplify the process so that you can remain focused on your business.
What Kind of Support is Available?
Even with the best Payroll systems present, there can be challenges for anyone when using it. So, it is best to know what kind of support is available. With us, you get assistance round the clock so that you can enjoy a hassle-free process.