What is Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)?

Medicare SANJEEVA Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is a server-based architecture that manages various sites' Configurable workflow in hospitals. It helps to optimize the solution for various types of practices, lets hospitals ensure compliance with a regulatory body, and manages the complex process. Also, HIMS offered by us promotes enterprise-wide collaboration and helps to achieve a paperless system. This is designed for many purposes for Hospital environments and operated in different industries and disciplines. There’s no need for added infrastructure to begin EMR Multi-language supported and no geographical barrier.


  • 1. Appointment Management : After patient’s books an appointment, HIMS allocates them to the professionals available, or their preferred one. For consignment, this matches the illness of the patient to the doctor’s expertise’s area.
  • 2. Patient Management : This registers complete information of the patient, captures and stores medical history, needed treatment, upcoming appointments, details of previous visits, and more.
  • 3. Facility Management It collects all information related to bed availability, occupancy status for rooms and makes it available whenever needed.
  • 4. Staff Management : This lays a real solution to the HR organization in the hospital. It also contains records of staff, descriptions of their job, services, and other credentials.
  • 5. Supply Management: This module tracks the medical stocks’ availability and helps in calibrating the least quantity of supplies necessary without any difficulty.

    • Multi user access
    • Complete Database driven
    • HL-7 compatible
    • Web content management Facility
    • Supports decentralized and centralized environment
    • Ease of Use
    • Multi Medical Center/ branch management with centralized database
    • Easily upgradable
    • Interconnectivity
    • Web architecture support
    • Less maintenance
    • SMS and Email Facility
    • Tablet facilities
    • Online registration and Appointment
    • Direct connection with DHA and HAAD
    • Token System Integration
    • Call Center Integration
    • Bi-Directional Machines Integration
    • Automatic E-claim and E&M facility
    • Web Reporting System
    SANJEEVA Hospital Information Management System Benefits
    • Ease to Use Patient Data A properly implemented HIMS readily made available data for patients to service providers. In a matter of few clicks, necessary information about a patient, from different departments of the hospital is made available on the screen.
    • Enhanced Efficiency It mechanically takes care of the processes without human interference. This will instantly improve the efficiency of the entire system across various departments..
    • Decreases Scope of Error HIMS is an automated process that takes all the assigned work to the software to perform with proper accuracy without human intervention. Thus, the source of error is reduced to a larger extent
    • Increases Data Security & Retrieving Ability HIMS software in Hospitals keeps data safe with authentic personnel and allows them to access only to them. Besides it also helps to retrieve the data in lesser time
    • Improves Patient Care The software for HIMS increases the access to data of the different patients and work productivity. It enables faster and better clinical decisions. As a result of automation, different departments of the hospitals are inter-connected. Overall, the patient care quality improves, and ultimately the turnover of the hospital is increased.
    • Provides Researchers with Valuable Data With HIMS, researchers get information and idea to find out which treatments and drugs are more effective for treating a special medical condition.
    • Offers Cost-Effective Solution HIMS helps in cutting manpower and no one can deny this fact. As the works are automated, this saves more on data storage and the related costs for everything.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What does HIMS do?
    It simplifies the operations of hospitals, streamlines processes for different doctors, administrations, and nurses. It also optimizes healthcare facilities across hospitals and clinics in urban and rural sectors
    What are the Features of the Right HIMS Software?
    Streamlined workflows for various departments • Customizable and Scalable • Optimized resource allocation • Simplified discharging and billing process • Online information availability • Minimal training to staff for using the system • Enhance administration and control
    Is the patient data and other information secured on HIMS?
    Yes, most of the hospitals generate a backup on regular basis and takes utmost care for the safety of the patient data
    Integrating HIMS Software with an Accounting System Is Possible?
    Yes, it is possible! It can be integrated with various accounting software that enables the administrators for managing the revenue proficiently.
    Is it Possible to Manage Access Controls for Various Users?
    HIMS enables you to control user access proficiently. The hospital can provide access to different modules and features based on it and thus, the access rights can traverse through the system.