Why Medicare

MEDICARE has rich domain expertise in Healthcare IT Industry earned through a course of nearly a decade of market presence.

We have done over 150+ Software implementations across the Healthcare Industry in the IRAQ/AFRICA/NEPAL/BANGLADESH and INDIAN Market.

Our domain expertise and wide experience in Health care ensures that the customer does not have to spend too much time explaining us their business. Also, the gaps in understanding of the requirements will be minimal. This translates to a saving for the customer.

Since we have a ready solution for this domain and have been doing similar implementation work for many hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, we are higher up in the learning curve. This helps shorten the implementation time, which is a big saving of time for the senior management and will also minimize the pain of change management.

We have our own R&D, which helps us to keep improving our solution based on customer feedback. Since the cost of this is spread across several customers, we are regularly able to offer new features at a nominal cost.