CAMPUS Management System

Medicare Campus software can be fully customized for different models and processes of educational institutions. The campus management solution can be tightly integrated with other systems to ensure access to accurate data. Create custom forms for student’s profiles, registration, re-enrollment, fee collection, and surveys with the ability to submit course requests and assignments online.

Manage all admission related activities like student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, canceling the admission, issue of transfer certificate etc. Create, edit and update schedules in real-time for courses, and automatically assign students, teachers, and classrooms. Manage events and streamline tasks to increase participation. Create and monitor various employee and student attendance records. Get the details of availed and available leaves. Streamline the management and analysis of statutory attendance records

A workflow without boundaries:

Medicare Campus is not just another run-of-the-mill campus management system Medicare Campus has been built by a team passionate about education with features that will help you help your students succeed because, as the saying goes – “A good education is the greatest GIFT you can give, but you have to have the time to give it.”

  • Student Lifecycle solution
  • Recruitment
  • Admission and Enrollment
  • RFID Attandance
  • Accessment
  • Placement
  • Curriculam management
  • Online Exams
  • Faculty Management
  • Buses and GPS tracking
  • MIS Reports
  • Referral vet records