Medicare Visitor Management System is simple and easy to use that ensures quick check-in of visitors in easy clicks. Configured with the highest compliance and safety, the software is reliable. Authentications via OTP, photo, fingerprint are some of the basic features that the software usually possesses. This makes it the best visitor management system in Mumbai and other parts of the country. It allows only the verified visitors to get entry into the premises offering protection to various challenges.

What is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management Software is web-based software that allows maintaining and recording the entry and exit of the visitor. It is designed to give a systematic structure to the visitor-employee meeting. Besides, it lets the admin record and track details and belongings of visitors that they might carry at the time of entry and exit. In case there’s the schedule for their visit, the system will reflect that also in the software with their photograph. Keeping the security concern in mind, various authentication layers are needed to generate the gate pass. This is where reliable visitor management software comes into the picture.

Visitor welcomes your customers with automated check in and discards the use of paperwork.Check in unlimited visitors We help you create a great professional guest experience by welcoming your guests in a smart and digital way. Customized brand logo Hosts have the authority to customize registration process and the appearance set-up. Already here The guests who've already visited once don't need to register time and again for their every visit, the

  • Track movement, entry, and exit of visitors
  • Super-fast Visitor Check-in
  • Self Service KIOSKS
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Easy installation & Operation
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Capture Pictures
  • Compliance Reports
  • Visitors pass with their photo, credentials, and printing
  • Restrict visitor access to specific zones on premises
  • Analytics and Reporting with advanced Data search
  • Admin can only add new employee who can send a request to gate entry
  • In-Built Camera in software
  • User customizable visitor pass format
  • Special application for Commercial Building
Benefits Of Visitor Management Software
  • Improves Safety and Security of Building & Employee - The security of facilities and the safety of people living there are extremely important. This made such software a high priority need for most organizations. Software-based lobby security offers the extra protection the company needs by identifying visitors accurately & quickly.
  • Saves Money - Automating and streamlining the registration process for visitors reduces each visitor’s cost. This leads to a significant cost-saving approach for any premises. Costs associated with a breach of security are more and with the top visitor management software in place, the system gets automated, eliminating overall costs.
  • Increases Efficiency - Paper-based systems are inefficient and time-consuming tasks when it comes to managing visitors into the premises. Consider a system that takes benefits of cutting-edge scanners, cameras, and software that screens visitors, it quickly registers everything. Your staff will save time because they can pre-register all visitors and they will be notified automatically upon their arrival.
  • Accountability and Visibility - The best visitor management software enables users to identify anyone that is on your premises anytime. Besides, the system gives staff all details and study visitor’s pattern.
  • Improves Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction - If your staffs are authorized to welcome visitors quickly, warmly, and efficiently, it increases the professional environment of your organization. It keeps all facilities and staff safe.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is visitor management software?
Visitor management software is a cloud-based application that keeps building, premises, facilities safe and secure by keeping the record of entry & exit of visitors.
Why is visitor management important?
This helps in managing the entire process of entry and exit in the premises, reduces manual work for record. Connect with the technology and save time and effort. It helps to know who all are there in the facility.
What is the technical support about?
Our technical supports team provides help for all technical problems related to Visitor Login and, services. It also enables customers to get updates for authority. Also, we provide you licensing Visitor Login on cloud services and allow you to get update authority as well as use the latest version at no cost for the first time.