1 - What are the benefits of using MEDICARE HIMS?
The key benefits of using the MEDICARE HIMS system include

Automation of 250 processes

Access to the right information and the automation of complex tasks & workflow is the key focus of the HIMS, enabling freeing the staff to spend more time on caring for patients and extending the reach of services

35% operational cost reduction

MEDICARE HIMS not only keeps track of all the information flowing through the hospital but also protects your bottom line with features that track and monitor wastage, pilferage and unnecessary expenditures.

95% reduction in paperwork

One of the largest and most significant benefits of MEDICARE HIMS is the reduction in paper documentation. Shifting the document load from paper to computers and mobile devices allows the organization to be agile, flexible and respond faster to evolving needs

improvement in patient care

When it comes to patient care, timely delivery of information is often critical. Details like allergies, history of adverse drug reactions are of vital importance to the hospital staff. Human error, especially during shift changes, can lead to troubling incidents like double medication.

MEDICARE HIMS helps reduce human error by:

  • Sharing relevant information faster and clearer
  • Reduction in paper documentation avoids delays, confusion and potential for human errors
  • Checks and balances within the system ensure that entries are properly validated to reduce errors.
80% reduction in information flow time

MEDICARE HIMS Patient Workflow Management helps healthcare organizations to automate patient registration, check-in and information flow, while reducing costs and waiting times - ultimately improving patient satisfaction.

DHA / HAAD statistics Report Generation

The most Complicated part of every organization to generate the statistic report which a consuming lot of time and manpower will be managing easily by MEDICARE HIMS.


  • Complete Web Based Application with End-to-End Modules
  • Compliance of HAAD / DHA / MOH
  • Complete Centralized Solution for Multi Branch Organization
  • Device Independent: Able to access application from any devices and any browser
  • Able to deploy the application either on cloud or local data center
  • Able to Interface with any third Party Applications
  • Complete interfacing with Lab Analyzers to get the results
  • Dash Board
  • Audit Trail & Alert System
2 - How do I know that MEDICARE HIMS is the right healthcare solution for our organization?
MEDICARE-HIMS is a complete web-based Hospital ERP application, ideally suited to offer more than one application inbuilt such as the EMR, Patient Relationship Management, OP/IP management, Insurance, Service Billing, Eclaim, E&M, Canteen, Pharmacy, Inventory Management, Management of CSSD, Laboratory, Radiology, Accounting and Costing etc. Auto SMS & E-mail facilities are activated in this and have an excellent Business Intelligent module, which help the management to take faster business decisions.MEDICARE HIMS uses license free software and brings down the total cost of ownership of the product. Implementing MEDICARE HIMS can improve the overall productivity of your organization and bring in quality practices followed by over 250+ customers world-wide.
3 - How can I view MEDICARE HIMS demo?
Please contact our sales department via land line number +91 9970236423 or send us a mail at info@medicaresystems.co.in and we will schedule an online or onsite product demonstration for you and your team at the earliest. Please refer the Contact Us section to get in touch with us.
4 - How do I get proper after sales support and service?
MEDICARE will provide 24/7 online and onsite support. There is a dedicated central support team available in Dubai which works all days of the week and is reachable via a telephone call, Team Viewer or skype or online chat. All the complaints raised within MEDICARE HIMS are reviewed and escalated to the central support team which will work with you to solve the issue at the earliest. Through our Ticketing System, support and service activities will be monitored effectivily and client will get prompt response.
5 - Do you provide medical equipment interface?
We provide interface between our HIMS and equipments. Any instruments can be interfaced via Unidirectional and Bi directional way such as for COBAS, NIHON, SIMENTS, etc. Also interfaced with Medical Imaging Modalities such as CT-Scan, X-ray, Ultra-Sound and is HL7 Compliant. We work with third party PACS vendors to provide easy interface between these systems and HIMS using HL7. For example, tests prescribed on HIMS will be passed onto Radiology Information System. Radiology reports can be imported into HIMS.