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MEDICARE picture archiving and communication system (PACS)

Medicare Systems has changed the fate and face of the healthcare sector. Cutting-edge technology and innovative inventions have given rise to faster diagnosis, flawless evaluation, and speedy recoveries. To enlighten the health care industry with a user-friendly and effective image transmission system, we have developed PACS software. Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) by Medicare transforms the way the radiology department is run easily and quickly. It delivers the required information that needs to be monitored with full profitability, and efficiency.

A Brief Overview of PACS Software & Its Working Mechanism

PACS is a digital form of storage and is a medical imaging technology that is primarily used in the healthcare industry to secure data storage. It also digitally transfers clinically-relevant reports and electronic images. It eliminates the need to manually retrieve, store and send sensitive data, reports, and files. Also, medical images and documentation can be safely housed to the servers at off-store, and securely accessed from anywhere via PACS software, mobile devices, and workstations. Such software is imperative as the number of digital medical images increases all over the healthcare industry. Data analytics of such images are more important than ever.

How does PACS Software Works?
The working mechanism of PACS software is based on four components such as:
  • With the help of Imaging Modalities, that’s an image system scanning of the patient takes place to produce their medical image.
  • Then, the network is secured to the database for uploading and transferring images.
  • The workstation allows doctors and radiologists to view as well as study images.
  • Finally, Archives for storage securely store the area in which images are present. This also supports documents that are available for the public who are authorized to view it.

Main modules
  • TRUE Web based & Cloud based PACS
  • US FDA Approved
  • HIPAA compliant, Highly Secure with Audit Trail
  • Vendor Neutral Archive
  • Vendor Neutral Connectivity
  • Fastest lossless image transfer
  • Consistent Image quality
  • DICOM MWL support
  • Multisite Hospital Connectivity with Global Worklist & Datasync technology
  • Teleradiology ready with access using data cards, broadband and 3G
  • Multimodality Connectivity
  • Intelligent Worklist
  • Special Tools for 64/128/256 Slice Scanners
  • Customizable User views
  • Advanced processing tools
  • Multimethod reporting - Templates, Speech recognition, Dictation
  • Customized multimodality, multipatient film printing formats
  • CD/DVD/Blu Ray DVD Writing with Embedded DICOM Viewer
  • Access Images/Reports using ipads/mobile handsets
  • Seamless integration with Non DICOM modalities like Endoscopy/C Arm/Microscopes
  • Bi-directional Integration with HIS/RIS
  • Fully Redundant Architecture
  • Advanced 3D/MIP/MPR support
  • Audit Trials & Alert System
  • E-mail / Fax / SMS Support
  • Registers patients, schedules, tracks, and lists management.
  • Interfaces with modality with the help of worklist
  • Reports, printouts, and emailing of report
  • Secures network for patient information’s transmission.
  • Storages and archives image reports, and studies.
  • retrieves, interprets, and review images for workstation
  • Replaces hard-copy electronic images from medical images
  • Provides remote access of patient study for offsite viewing via tele-radiology.
  • Provides radiology workflow management that is mainly used by staff for managing the patient exams’ workflow
  • The system is instant, web-based, and user-friendly. No matter what kind of imaging modality is there, just connect Medicare System PACS to the network. This makes images quickly accessible. Professionals can avail of reports instantly at their place irrespective of the location
Frequently Asked Questions
How has the Response to PACS Software in Hospitals and Healthcare Industry Been?
PACS Software in Mumbai, India has got a good response in the healthcare industry. PACS for Hospitals are showing remarkable progress and speedy work using PACS and are more likely to use by hospitals of all sizes in the future
How do You Outlook the Overall Market for PACS in India?
The overall view of PACS in India is good so far and the market is getting interesting. Top hospitals are already using this software while many others are already in progress to leverage the benefits of PACS. Earlier, due to high hardware & storage prices, license fees, ownership of this software was tough. However, the removal of a barrier for crashing the price of storage and hardware, combined with priced solutions from most of the vendors has made it easy now. In the modern world, hospitals of all sizes can get the highest quality specialist workstation and PACS Software cost in India is reasonable to them.
How is This Technology Expected to Progress in the Upcoming Years?
PACS innovation has been changing quickly. At first, it was more current and more modern hardware, similar to great quality MRI, CT, PET/CT, and so forth. These have just permitted clinicians to determine to have much better precision. In the future, it is expected that with greater advancement in computing power and calculations, Computer Assisted Diagnosis dependent on radiology information will develop as a possible innovation and will improve the nature of conclusion to a remarkable level.
What is the Simple Requirements to Implement a PACS Software Ccompanies?
The basic needs for the implementation of PACS Software companies in, India are a PACS server; equipment should have DICOM compliance, DICOM workstations, good network connectivity, and infrastructure for backup and storage for studies and storing information.
What Benefits PACS Impart to the Healthcare Industry?
It can be categorized as Patient Administration System (PAS), Clinical Administration System (CAS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Enterprise Resource Planning (EMR). To get an overview of the EMR of the patient, radiologists need complete studies that are maintained in PACS. It makes this an integrated part of patients’ care, workflows, and applications.
Does it Raise the Issue of Data’s Security?
As far as it is handled with proper care in hospitals by doctors, there’s no issue with the security of data.
Does PACS Software Help In Offering Tele-Medicine?
It depends! There may be extra applications needed that can handle transferring of clinical data, teleconferencing, appointments, billing, etc.
8. Do Indian hospitals are Interested in Healthcare IT?
Looking at the benefits, Indian hospitals are showing their interest and are willing to invest in it.
What Issues can be Experienced When PACS is Implemented in India by Service Provider?
At some places, HR administrations may not be ready for its implementation due to a lack of facility to maintain such an environment.
Are Hospitals In India Independent for Using this Technology?
Indian hospitals are well prepared with the PACS Software technology. There is good support available from numerous vendors. Moreover, number of radiologists that are comfortable in using this is growing